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Design And Build Projects!

We invite you to experience our offer of high quality landscaping. This value is delivered at competitive rates.  Talent, service and accountability are how we stand behind our quarantee.




We Inspire The Senses!

Most landscape features effect sight, hearing and smell. Fire features provide warmth in the winter months. Water features create a relaxing environment. Outdoor lighting showcases your landscape and home at night. Irrigation assures that plants flourish and reach their full potential. Patios and walkways provide seating and prevent damage in high foot traffic areas.




Create A Place Outside Home!

Landscape features make being outdoors a little more pleasurable. We use our experience when creating outdoor living areas. Budget, comfort and visual pleasure are the priorities when planning. Once a design is complete a master plan is set into place.






Hardscapes We Install!               

Hardscaping is an important part of maintaining  property. Everything outdoors that is not living is considered hardscaping. Plants are called softscaping. The elements that make up every hardscape are metal, stone, water and wood.


WALLS                                                                                      Retention and knee walls prevent ground erosion and provide seating. Patios and walkways protect grass from damage due to high traffic and designate a place for tables and chairs.


FIRE FEATURES                                                                    Firepits and fire places offer heating in cold weather and are used for grilling and roasting marshmallows. Pergolas and gazebos create shade and can support flowering vines, fruits and vegetables.


WATERSCAPES                                                                  Water features are for visual pleasure and create a relaxing environment that helps with every day stress.



Extending Living Space Outside!

We design and build landscapes with quality products. These creations take shape with careful methodology. Ammenities are incorporated to meet particular needs.


LANDSCAPING SERVICES            landscaper

We Build & Maintain Property!  You can count on us to perform, as a professional should, with integrity that promotes lasting relationship​s. We encourage you to discover the impact our services deliver. We look forward to providing you with a place outside that is attractive and useful.




Designs That Suit Needs!

Creative Design’s landscaper knows how to change a house into a home by extending the living space outside. We work with clients to bring their vision to life. This is accomplished by installing the right landscape features. Our design strategy focuses on a family activities.




Make Use Of Outside Space!

We have the experience to create awesome scenery along with a space that fulfills a family’s needs. We at Creative Designsconstruct outdoor living spaces that serve a purpose.




Home Improvement!

We have the experience to construct a yard that is useful. Our aspiration is to extend a home’s living space outdoors. An atmosphere of comfort and relaxation is created by installing the right landscape features.




Landscaping Experience Shows!

Landscape designs are simply ideas which are produced based on information. With talent and years of experience we shape an outdoor space unique to your tastes and activities.





Give CREATIVE DESIGNS a call for all of your landscaping needs at 318-205-1300 . We service the the Shreveport/Bossier City and surrounding area. Follow us on Facebook for information on special offers.




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