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Spring Landscaping

SPRING LANDSCAPING                                                  March Madness Landscaping!

landscaping this spring

Spring landscaping for backyard enthusiasts and gardeners, alike. Getting ready for the growing season takes some effort. Patios, pergolas and fountains are nice features to have, but keeping up with what you’ve got is just important too. Your plants are the foundation of your home’s image and they need to be maintained to thrive.

PLANT MANAGEMENT                                                    Making Your Garden Shine!

landscaping this spring with Day Lilies

It’s not too early to tackle maintenance of your flower beds. Start by removing annuals and other debris. This helps to clear the way for a new season and avoid potential disease. Cut back any spent perennials and dead branches shrubs and  trees to allow for new growth. Once you’ve thinned out your landscaping it’s time to evaluate things. Thin crowded plants and transplant them to bare spots.


 LANDSCAPE IMPRESSIONS                                           How To Have A Green Thumb!

spring landscaping with Tulips

Following these procedures will produce a landscaping you will be proud of.

1. Determine if bed area gets has shade or sun.
2. Water root balls before planting.
3. Till beds down 12 for proper aeration.
4. Place top of root ball slightly above ground.
5. Apply 3 to 5 inches of mulch around plants.
6. Water in to compact soil and prevent air pockets.

These few simple steps are all it takes for your garden to flourish.


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