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Spring Landscaping

SPRING LANDSCAPING                                                  March Madness Landscaping!

landscaping this spring

Spring landscaping for backyard enthusiasts and gardeners, alike. Getting ready for the growing season takes some effort. Patios, pergolas and fountains are nice features to have, but keeping up with what you’ve got is just important too. Your plants are the foundation of your home’s image and they need to be maintained to thrive.

PLANT MANAGEMENT                                                    Making Your Garden Shine!

landscaping this spring with Day Lilies

It’s not too early to tackle maintenance of your flower beds. Start by removing annuals and other debris. This helps to clear the way for a new season and avoid potential disease. Cut back any spent perennials and dead branches shrubs and  trees to allow for new growth. Once you’ve thinned out your landscaping it’s time to evaluate things. Thin crowded plants and transplant them to bare spots.


 LANDSCAPE IMPRESSIONS                                           How To Have A Green Thumb!

spring landscaping with Tulips

Following these procedures will produce a landscaping you will be proud of.

1. Determine if bed area gets has shade or sun.
2. Water root balls before planting.
3. Till beds down 12 for proper aeration.
4. Place top of root ball slightly above ground.
5. Apply 3 to 5 inches of mulch around plants.
6. Water in to compact soil and prevent air pockets.

These few simple steps are all it takes for your garden to flourish.


 Creative Designs knows to protect landscape investment maintenance is necessary. Also, installing the right landscaping maintenance can make your home’s image shine. Our courteous and well skilled team members can make this possible. We handle residential and commercial properties in the Shreveport/Bossier City and surrounding area.

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Fall Landscaping Clean Up






Fall Landscaping Clean Up 


Creative Designs will take care of your landscaping fall clean up. We know your time is valuable and should be spent enjoying other things besides yard work. We are here to take over landscape clean up and beautification of your property. We have courteous, respectable and skilled team members to manage your lawn and landscape needs. We can handle residential and commercial properties.

Routine Maintenance

Acquiring Our Services!


Our team will handle the maintenance of the fall landscaping to-do-list for your outdoor area so you can spend time with other things. When you schedule an appointment for routine landscape cleaning we will show up on time, make detailed notes of the scope of work to take place and produce an estimate on the spot. You can expect a competitive, fair and well-thought out bid.


Fall Landscaping Check List

Things to do in fall for lawn and landscapes!

• Aerate areas that hold water to allow                  water and nutrients into root area.

• Remove old branches and heavy leaf cover        to prevent disease and maintain aeration.

• Apply a high-phosphorus fertilizer to lawn        encourage roots and help turf green up              earlier in spring.

• Trim grass to 1 1/2 inches for last cut of              season to reduce chance of disease.

• Plant shrubs and trees to give their roots a        head start the demand for water is less.

• Flip leaves in compost pile periodically to          create organic matter for beds in spring.

• Plant bulbs in October and November for          blooms in spring.

• Apply an adequate layer of mulch around          base of plants to protect roots.

• Drain sprinkler lines, wrap your exposed            pipes and bleed the valves of your backflow      device towards the end of fall.


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Late Winter Pruning









Benefits Of Trimming In Winter

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Landscape maintenance of trees and shrubs is best done in late winter just before their new leaf buds sprout. Trimming broken branches can prevent disease from spreading. Slighty cutting them back will prmote new growth. Handling this towards the end of the dormancy period helps preserve energy for the onset of new growth. Winter time pruning is less stressful and a safer practice. Oozing of sap will be limited at this time of year, and this also helps retain energy. Branch wounds will recover faster and are not as prone to be affected by possible disease from other limbs. Also, bacterial production is limited, as well.                                                               This all adds up to a healtier landscape environment. Plants respond better with the proper landscaping maintenance. They are more likely to reach their full maturity and thrive as they should.                                                         Your house and outdoor space will become all that it can be . It only requires that special touch that our professional team has many years of experience handling. The proper care will ensure it lasts a life time.


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