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Benefits Of Trimming In Winter

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Landscape maintenance of trees and shrubs is best done in late winter just before their new leaf buds sprout. Trimming broken branches can prevent disease from spreading. Slighty cutting them back will prmote new growth. Handling this towards the end of the dormancy period helps preserve energy for the onset of new growth. Winter time pruning is less stressful and a safer practice. Oozing of sap will be limited at this time of year, and this also helps retain energy. Branch wounds will recover faster and are not as prone to be affected by possible disease from other limbs. Also, bacterial production is limited, as well.                                                               This all adds up to a healtier landscape environment. Plants respond better with the proper landscaping maintenance. They are more likely to reach their full maturity and thrive as they should.                                                         Your house and outdoor space will become all that it can be . It only requires that special touch that our professional team has many years of experience handling. The proper care will ensure it lasts a life time.


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