Garden Designs

Garden Designs



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Garden Designs

Professional garden designs indicate  optimal placement of plants and hardscape features. The experience of a designer helps to avoid common mistakes. Therefore, a designer can actually save you money by  preventing costly errors. Budget and individual tastes, ultimately, decides what will be used in a layout. However, there are different ways to doing most outdoor projects.




Landscape Trends

Design concepts are implemented in the planning phase. Balance, perspective, color and texture are considered when creating plans unique to home owners. The goal is to improve asthethics and enhance the quality of outdoor living space. Thus, a designer will work with a client to create a over-all layout.




Design Ideas

You can find landscape ideas by looking at other people’s projects. And, of course, some ideas can be found by looking at the natural scenery in your own backyard. Edging helps to distinguish one area of your property from the rest. However, be careful not to create too many focal points.




Frontyard Landscape Designs

Paver & stone walkways add curb appeal to any frontyard. Also, lush bedding areas create visual impact to a home’s image, as well. Flowers help set off doorways and accentuate focal points. However, having too many focal points can take away from the house’s actual appearance.




Backyard Landscape Designs

Patios provide a place for friends and family to gather. Adding a grill or fire feature enables you to throw a barbeque. Water gardens are a great source of  entertainment. Also, the tranquil sound of any type fountain creates a relaxing atmosphere. All of these features in your outdoor space add up to a lot fun.


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