Green Lawns










Green Lawns 

Instant Success With Your Yard!

If you’re wanting green lawns overnight then laying fresh cut sod is the way to go. You will have a lush carpet-like yard  within several weeks, with the exception of a few dormant months in winter. However, in our climate, laying sod in the dormant months is fine. The root system is still growing and your grass will certainly take off with the arrival of spring.


CHOOSING SOD                 

Site Conditions Dictate Sod Choice! 

Homeowners can choose whatever grass they prefer for their lawns depending upon your site’s conditions. For a deep-dark green lawn St. Augustine is the best pick. However, be ready to cut grass, because it has one of the fastest growth rates. For a light green colored lawn Centipede or Bermuda would be good choices. Keep in mind that site conditions are a deciding factor in which variety of sod to use.


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