Irrigation Services

Irrigation services

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Irrigation Services

We offer various irrigation services. Our  watering systems reduce utility cost. An automated sprinkler system consumes fifty percent less water than going at it by hand.



Lawn & Garden

Sprinklers should provide full coverage for lawn and garden areas. Consistent watering  is crucial for grass to green-up. A routine watering cycle is important for beds, as well.




Sprinkler Devices

Backflow devices protect drinking water. These valves prevent non-pottable water from contaminating service lines. A winterization process prevents parts and pipes from cracking when freezing temperatures occur.

irrigation backflow preventers


Controllers & Zones

Electronic timers trigger the flow a water. Zones have a predetermined number of sprinkler heads. They provide water to specific beds and portions of lawn areas separately.



Rain Sensors

Most controllers can be installed with a weather sensor. These devices determine rainfall and automatically turn off controller based on rainfall.



Services offered in Shreveport/Bossier City and the surrounding area. Give us a call today at (318) 746-8014.

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