Irrigation services



Automated Watering System Benefits!

Irrigation is needed for plants to reach their full potential. Also, having an automated system prevents the ground from settling around concrete slabs which would dry out and possibly crack, otherwise, in drought conditions




Sprinkler Installations!

Creative Designs’ professional sprinkler installations provide full coverage of  lawn and garden areas. Proper water disbursement is crucial for grass to green up evenly through-out lawn areas. Also, this is important in bedding areas, as well,  for plants to mature simultaneously.


CONTROLLERS & ZONES                 


Irrigation For Lawns And Landscapes, Alike!

Our irrigation services provide systems that are divided into zones. Each zone is made up of a set a spray heads that covers as much area as a system is designed to allow. The flow of water a sprinkler line is capable of having is ultimately decided by water pressure at emitting from its’ valve and the size of pipe it’s flowing through.




Spray Heads & Lawn Rotors!

Controllers are programmed to handle watering at a particular pre-set time. The timer sends a signal to a valve which opens and allows an adequate flow of moisture to operate a certain quanity of sprinklers. Each valve operates indivual areas. These areas are called zones. All of which are installed at  locations for optimum plant growth.



Controlling Water Consumption!

Most controllers can be installed with a weather sensor. These devices determine rainfall and automatically turn a controller off based on environmentall conditions.




We Only Use Quality Parts & Devices!

Quality parts and irrigation equipment provide the best results. We install various types of watering devices and systems. All of our installations are automated.

  • Lawn & Garden Sprinklers
  • Water Falls & Fountains
  • Micro Spray Systems
  • Pondless Devices
  • Drip Irrigation




Cutting Costs & Conserving Water!

We install an irrigation systems that conserve water and save you money. Taking advantage of the automated process uses fifty percent less water than by going at it by hand. Installing an additional water meter can also save cost by not registering sewage with water volumn.



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