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Landscape designs with your vision in mind!

A landscape designer is important when it comes to planning outdoor living space. Outdoor living areas provide a place for entertainment and relaxation. Planning with curb appeal provides the most visual impact. Landscaping should curve softly in and out with one feature flowing into another.



Creating an area that’s unique to a families activities!

landscape-designer-shreveport-bossier-cityThe goal is to create landscape designs that shape an outdoor space that is aesthetically pleasing and useful. Designs should develop an optimum place with your vision in mind. Experience in the landscape design and build industry gives us the leading edge when it comes to producing quality results.



Defining your yard with color and borders!

Our designs offer a tremendous array of innovative trends. Colors help us showcase and define a home’s image. Incorporating various landscaping features throughout a property’s outdoor space shapes it into an amazing attraction for all to see. Seasonal and perennial colors accentuate focal points and bring a yard to life. Our services are intended to exceed a clients expectations.



Innovative landscaping ideas are used to suit clients needs!

We incorporate our in designs to create a useful and unique landscape. Water features help create a naturalistic and relaxing environment . They produce a very tranquil sound.



Creating your outdoor space to suit your needs!

An experienced landscape designer will help with project. A professional landscape designer will incorporate features that add entertainment and have a practical purpose, as well. The goal is to make a yard useful. There are many options to choose when selecting landscaping features. We, at   assist with finding the right features for your individual needs.



Protecting your ground from erosion with hardscaping!

Hardscaping with natural materials makes an enormous difference to the overall scenery and helps retain your property hence protecting your investment. Using stone to build structures helps to retain a little nature along the way and are useful in many ways. They too are constructed with curb appeal in mind. Every feature in your outdoor space should flow together.



Plants Respond Better To Routine Watering!

Your landscaping will only be as good as you water it to be. An automated irrigation system will help your landscape flourish.  Plants growth, just as humans, respond better to a regiment of watering and nutrition. An irrigation system will provide a reliable watering routine.


Landscape Designs

Landscape design with your vision in mind!

landscaper starts the design process by gathering information from our clients and studying their surroundings.  There are many different styles that can mimic nature and capture the ambience of an inqdiviual site. Entries and focal points are set off with flowers, lighting, hardscaping and topiaries. Privacy is created by using hedges, fencing and trees to produce buffers. Borders, plants, walls and walkways are used develop curb appeal. We design with your vision in mind, as well.



Illuminating your outdoors with lighting!

There’s no limit to the outdoor lighting effects that can be magically created. Up lights cast shadows of a tree’s canopy. Spread lights are used to produce a silhouette of plants on a house or wall. Path and step lights are used for  pedistrian safety. Spot lights are used to set off entries and focal points. Aquatic lighting is used to produce special effects under water by showing the depth of a pool which, otherwise, would just appear to be a flat surface.



Display aquatic life in a natural setting!

Nature is what to consider when shaping a water garden. Fish should be surrounded with aquatic plants and rocks just as in there natural habitat. To showcase your creation at night led submersible lighting can do wonders. Waterfalls and fountains can be acccentuated with spot lights from above water





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