Landscape Maintenance Tips

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Landscape Maintenance Tips

Getting ready for the growing season takes some effort. Having a prestine garden requires some care. Patios, pergolas and fountains are nice features to have, but they also require upkeep.



Spring Clean-Up

It’s not too early to tackle maintenance of your flower beds. Start by removing annuals and other debris. Cut back spent perennials and dead branches on shrubs and  trees. Thin out crowded plants and transplant them to other areas or share them with a neighbor.



Planting Procedure

Procedures to produce a landscaping you will be proud of:

1. Determine if bedding area gets shade or sun.
2. Root balls should watered well before planting.
3. Landscape beds need to be tilled at least 12 inches.
4. Top of root ball of shrubs and trees should be planted slightly above ground.
5. Mulch can be placed around trees and shrubs  trees 3 to 5 inches



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Creative Designs knows what’s necessary for landscapes to look immaculate. Also, we know  the right features can make to most of your home’s surroundings. Our courteous and well trained staff are available.

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