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Landscaping, irrigation and aquatic services!

We provide full-service, year round maintenance programs in the Shreveport/Bossier City and surrounding area. Our professional landscapers are dependable, hard-working and are experienced with the care lawns and landscapes. Our staff have a well-rounded knowledge of plant care, soil manangement and lawn and landscape fertilization. 


Landscapes require maintenance to thrive!

A yard will reflect the upkeep its given. Regularly performing certain tasks will assure the best possible results. Seeing to fertilization gives landscapes the nutrients needed for plants to thrive. Also, this protects our clients investment.


Maintenance Programs:

· Landscaping

landscapingWe stick around to handle the landscaping maintenance. This protects the investment made. Sprinkler systems and other landscaping features require periodic service. Our team provides quality service so you don’t have to.

· Irrigation

irrigation maintenance
Our landscape maintenance programs save you money. Plant life responds to proper care. We are here to make sure your sprinklers are functioning throughout the year.

· Water Features

Water features
We service pond and fountain systems. From new installation of fountains, koi ponds,  pondless devices and waterfalls to water testing and treatment for aquatic life safety. Also, we repair and maintain most aquatic systems.

· Hardscaping


One of our hardscape maintenance services includes applying sealer to concrete, stone and wood surfaces. We offer paver patio, drive and walkway facelifts. This is accomplished by removing old paver sand and replacing the joints with a new-improved product called polymeric sand. Unlike, regular pacer sand, poly sand hardens which prevents weeds from growing through.



· Clean Ups

Mulching, trimmiming and weeding services are performed any time. We will renovate your existing beds, enlarge them or construct additional ones.

· Spring and Fall 

Mulching, trimming and weeding services are provided in fall & spring. Flower installations and chemical treatments are optional.

· Spring, Summer and Fall

Weed prevention, lawn & landscape fertilization services are performed throughout the year. Flower installations and fertilization treaments are optional.



Protecting landscape investments with scheduled maintenance!

Shrubbery and trees will fiil in properly with routine trimming. Also, spent limbs are removed which helps stimulate growth, as well. Fertilizer treatments provide necessary nutrients for flower buds to set properly.





We know installing the right outdoor features can make spending time outdoors much more rewarding. Proper maintenance protects your investment for years to come.

Our team provides timely visits for landscapes we install. Give us a call today at 318-205-1300 . We service the Shreveport/Bossier City and surrounding area. Follow us on Facebook for adventure and discounts.


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