Outdoor Lighting Ideas



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Lighting your home at night!

Showcase your home at night. Considering the investment your home and landscaping is,  being to see them at night, makes makes outdoor lighting a good idea. There are many benefits to having a lighting system.


Lighting Plans

outdoor lighting ideas

Install lights in the most important areas first!

Lighting up every area on your property may not be possible becasue of your budget. If you have to start with a basic design you can always add to it later. Lighting your site all at once  may not be possible. You can start with basic plan and add to it



Pathway Lights

outdoor lighting ideas

Lighting pathways avoid possible hazards.

Illuminate walkways and entrances first. This guides and friends to and from your home safely. Lighting for other focal points and features can be added.


Your home will be less likely a target with lightingl

Lighting dark places around your property makes your home a after place.. Poorly lit areas should be addressed in the initial phase of lighting installation.



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