outdoor lighting




outdoor lighting

Landscape lighting designs and installation services!

Outdoor lighting makes it possible to appreciate your lawn and landscape at night. Placing outdoor lights strategically throughout your property will bring a new sense of appreciation for your landscaping and the image of your home. Consider lighting for security reasons, as well. Our outdoor lighting designs will set off entrance ways, brighten up dark areas for security and accenuate structures to showcase your home




outdoor lighting

Pathway lighting for safe passage!

Pathway Lights require 100 lumens for adequate vision. Lumens indicate how much light is necessary for a certain of amounts of space. Creative Designs installs outdoor  lighting adequately which makes a home, landscaping and other structures stand out at night.



Spot lights illuminate focal  points!

outdoor lighting

Spotlights are useful to accentuate entrance ways and cast shadows off objects in your landscape.  Also, by illuminating entrance ways and dark areas security is enhanced. We strive to make every landscaping feature we install not only visually appealing but also useful.


Deck lights provide safe passage along railing!

outdoor lightingDeck lights provide visibilty of railing systems. They help set off a deck, as well as help prevent safety hazards that may, otherwise, exist. Our goal at Creative Designs is to use our services, experience and the latest in technolgy to assist you in every possible.



String lights are used to create an atmosphere! 

Bistro lights, also known as string lights, are popular in today’s landscape designs. They are installed with a gentle swag by a patio or pool area. They go along with the celebratory theme or can be dimmed to set a romantic affair.



Strip lights accentuate outdoor structures!

Advancements in technology have made LED lights more popular. They can be used to accentuate the railing of a deck or porch. Also, they will outline various outdoor structures as well or store fronts.



Rope lights are useful defining structures!

This form of lighting, not to be confused with LED strip lights, are used to define entrance ways and as a border to outdoor areas.. They are slightly less expense than strip lights and are a little more versatile.



Core drilled lights are used for large structures!

This form outdoor lighting is used to set off hardscape columns or walls. The light fixtures are set into holes that are drilled out of stone or concrete surfaces. They are sometimes  placed in driveways or sidewalks to light up acrhitecture.



Soffit lights showcase buildings from above!

Sconce lighting is appropriate for some settings. However, most acheticture has a more dazzling appeal when lit from the above. This lighting can be used for boat houses or for security in dark areas, as well.



Moon lighting creates a natural appearing image!

Outdoor lighting fixtures strategically placed above tree branches. The ground and other objects pick up the overhead images. The shadows casted appear like natural moon light. Changing the color of lenses to a bluish tint produces more realistic imagery.




Advancements in lighting save energy!

New technology has improved the quality of light produced by a bulb. A 23 watt LED bulb produces as much light nowadays as a 100 watt had before. With these advancements, you will save money.




LED lighting is used to show water features at night!

These outdoor lighting fixtures are submersible. LED technology brings lighting multiple colors and shapes. These under water lights out on an amazing show.




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