patios and walkways




patios and walkwys

Stone and interlocking paver landscape features!

When considering patios and walkways for a new or existing outdoor space, Creative Designs will take care of all of your needs. Our flatscaping crew is skilled at building with patios and walkways with bricks, cobblestone, crushed granite, flagstone, pavers and slate materials. We do more than create paths and seating areas we build amazing features for outdoor areas.



Advantages of interlocking pavers over concrete!

patios and walkways

Pavers allow four times the load bearing weight of concrete slabs. Pavers, not only allow for heavier loads than concerte slabs, they last longer. Concrete can crack from soil settling underneath and is difficult to repair. This is not a concern with interlocking pavers. If for some reason your paver patio or walkway becomes damaged, you simply replace those pieces.




patios and walkways

Building with stone materials!

We use only quality products. One reason flagstone is popular is its  natural appearance. It’s more durable than concrete and can stand the test of time without cracking or chipping. Flagstone materials require very little cleaning or maintenance. The different shapes and colors of stone make it possible to customize project unique to your needs.



Benefits of stone features:

•  Rain water drains through joints.
•  Features have natural appeall.                            •  Stone has rich and brilliant colors.                    •  Plant material can be used in joints.



Colors & Shapes of Stone

Multiple styles and patterns to choose from:


For a formal look stones can be cut and laid in a repeating pattern. For an informal look, select multi-shaped stones and lay them out randomly.


The informal style is often called crazy paving. Flagstone designs can be produced with a variety of colors and multi-material combinations.



Natural Stone Patios And Walkways Are The Best Construction Material!

Flagstone patios are a popular choice because of it’s natural appeal and earthy shades of blues, browns, reds and greys. Stone creates a slip-resistant surface and is durable so cracking is unlikely to occur.



Numerous styles and patterns to choose from!

Formal and informal styles are created by the way stone is installed. For a formal style pieces are cut and laid in various patterns. For an informal appearance miscellaneous pieces are laid close together. This is sometimes called crazy paving.




Different Shapes, Sizes & Colors!

The wide variety of pavers assures a project will stand-out. The many colors, shapes and sizes of pavers allow for patios and walkways to match and blend with other outdoor features that may exist. The attractive look and strentgh of pavers make them a popular choice.





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