Patio & Walkway Ideas


Patio And Walkway Ideas

Brick, paver or stone patio and walkway materials!

patio and walkway ideas

Patio and walkway ideas are everywhere.  Our hardscaping crew will work with brick, paver or flagstone to construct what you’ve envisioned. Patios are extension of your home. They designate an place for family and friends to gather for cook outs or simply a place set and relax.


Brick patios and walkways  continue to be a popular choice!

patio and walkway ideas


Brick has been used on the exterior of homes, patios and walkways for years. They offer a lot design options and have many colors available.  They not only do match closely to many homes being built they are easy to maintain.


Paver have many shapes and sizes!

patio and walkway ideas

Interlocking pavers have become popular because of the many shapes, colors and sizes that are offered. They also are very durable and can be repaired with ease. Pavers can conform to most any design pattern and easy to install.


Flagstone’s natural look makes them popular!

patio and walkway ideas

Flagstone is gaining popularity because of its natural appeal. Patios and walkways constructed with flagstone create a distinct and natural look because no two stones are alike. Every project will take on a unique image. It can also be used to construct other outdoor structures to match.





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