sod installation





sod installation

Sod techniques for a quality lawn!

We know that sod installation is important to having a quality lawn. Installation of grass is vidal to having a beautiful lawn. Our installations produce immaculate results. Correct grading and drainage are necessary to allow lawns to reach their full-potential. Our team members are educated in a fashion that results in quality performance to provide you with a prestine lawn.




sod installation

Instant results with grass in yard!

For a lush-green lawn overnight, laying sod is the way to go. You can choose whatever variety of grass you prefer depending upon your site’s conditions. For deep-dark green lawns St. Augustine is the best pick. However, be ready to cut grass, because of its fast growth rate. For light green-colored grass blades Centipede or Bermuda are great choices. Keep in mind that site conditions are a deciding factor in which variety of sod to use.




· Bermuda

This is the preferred grass for high foot traffic areas. The leaf blades are light-medium  green. It prefers full sun light.


· Centepide

This grass is a light green and has thin blades. It requires well drained soil to thrive.  It requires full to medium sunlight to flourish.

· St Augustine

The grass is dark green with thick blades. It has a rapid growth rate and is able to withstand heavy rains. Shade and sun is required for optimum results.

· Zoysia

These grass blades are average sized and produce a green colored lawn with medium blases. It florishes in low light conditions, as well as can withstand full sun.



· Grading

Our experience with all sorts of terrain makes us well suited to handle all your needs.

· Clean Up

Regardless of  the exsisting site conditions, you can count on us to prepare the area  for sod.

· Aeration

We use materials to create a proper growing medium are in place to allow for optimum growth.




We know your lawn is just as important as your landscape.  We take great pride in the installation of sod.  Our services are diversified and offered to provide an all around professional lawn and landscape source.




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