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Patio Ideas

Patio Ideas



PATIO IDEAS                                                                          Natural Looking Flagstone! 

patio-flagstone-brick-paversFlagstone is one of the best materials to use for a patio. Flagstione patios are a popular choice because it’s natural appeal and earthy shades of blues, browns, reds and greys. This stone creates a slip-resistant surface and is durable so cracking is unlikely to occur. You can produce a formal or informal look by the way it’s laid. For a formal style pieces are cut and laid in various pattern. For an informal appearance miscellaneous pieces are laid close together. This is sometimes called crazy paving. The joints can be poured solid with mortar or filled with gravel, mulch or ground covers can planted to fill in.  Another added plus with these patios is that they are permeate if joints aren’t filled with cement.

Interlocking Paver Patios!

patio-paverPavers allow for four times the load bearing weight of concrete slabs. Pavers not only allow for heavier loads than concerte slabs, they last longer. Cracking issues that exist with concrete slabs are not a concern with interlocking paver systems. If for some reason your paver patio or walkway becomes damaged or stained, you simply replace those pieces. Another plus is being able to  keep your pavers looking new with a sealer product.



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