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Landscaping Ideas



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There are many landscaping ideas to ponder. Having a beautiful lawn and garden creates visual appeal. Also, this increases the property value. Another benefit is homes with attractive landscaping move faster on the real estate market.




Bring your home’s image to life by adding evergreens and seasonal colors. No matter what frontyard landscaping ideas you choose, use plants that are appropriate for your climate. You can create a front garden that impresses your neighbors, and others alike.




Extend your living area outdoors. This area can be used for entertaining and relaxing. Make your backyard useful by including an outdoor kitchen, fire feature or water garden.  Also, you can add a lush garden to attract wildlife. Whatever your individual taste are, this is valuable real estate that already belongs to you.





Concrete driveways are an unsightly part of a frontyard. However, you can transform their appearance by adding a few raised beds. Create curve appeal by designing these areas with soft-winding borders. Another decorative festure is to line these areas with stone. Also, this a good place for annual and perennial color.





Flowers are a way to set off the entrance way to your home. Also, including them in your garden is a great way to accentuate various focal points. If you have a small front yard, install a low fence which creates the illusion that your space is larger than it really is. The space adjacent to this fencing is perfect for a flower bed.





To protect one’s initial investment maintainence is necessary. Therefore, routine care is essential to ensure plants flourish. Prune limbs to encourage new growth. Remove weeds frequently so they don’t consume nutrients and water. Apply a layer of mulch to insulate root systems.




Fertilize beds and trees to help them reach their potential. Ornamental varieties have unique soil requirements. Therefore, read product labels beforehand. Apply herbicides to control weeds. Also, limiting thr presence of weeds reduces maintainence.




Use pesticides to avoid infestations that can hender or even kill plants. Most pests can be controlled with a single product. Some pests reproduce rapidly. Therefore, it’s wise to treat beds in advance of their presence.




It’s important to routinely inspect retaining walls and walkways. Hence, these structures can deteriorate and become a safety hazard. Also, these issues are less expensive if handled when they first begin.



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Outdoor Living Area


outdoor living area




outdoor living area

Outdoor Living Area!

We maintain landscaping in the Shreveport/Bossier City and surrounding area. These professional services are delivered by our skilled technicians. The staff has a well-rounded knowledge of property manangement.


Scheduled Visits!

All things  reflect the care they are given. Routine maintenance assures the best possible results. Fertilization treatments provide nutrients needed for plants to thrive.




• Landscapes

We have the experience necessary to handle property management. This protects the investment that is made. Sprinkler systems and other landscaping features require periodic service. Our team provides quality services.

• Hardscapes

One of our hardscape maintenance services includes applying sealer to concrete, stone and wood surfaces. We offer paver patio, driveway and sidewalk facelifts. This is accomplished by removing old paver sand and replacing the joints with a new-improved product called polymeric sand. Unlike, regular paver sand, poly sand hardens which prevents weeds.

• Irrigation Systems

Our landscape maintenance program takes care of your outdoor living area for manicured look.  Plant life responds to proper care. We make sure sprinklers function throughout the year.

• Koi Ponds & Water Festures

We service ponds and fountains. From new installation of fountain devices, koi ponds,  pondless features and waterfalls to chemical treatments. Also, we repair and maintain most water gardens.

• Property Clean Ups

Mulching, trimmiming and weeding services are performed any time. We will renovate your existing beds are add other bedding areas.

• Yearly Care Packages

Weed prevention, lawn & landscape fertilization services. Also, we handle seasonal color installs and fertilization treaments.



Property Investments!

Shrubbery and trees mature properly with by periodic. Also, removing spent limbs stimulates growth.. Fertilizer treatments provide necessary nutrients for flower buds to set properly.





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Spring Landscaping

SPRING LANDSCAPING                                                  March Madness Landscaping!

landscaping this spring

Spring landscaping for backyard enthusiasts and gardeners, alike. Getting ready for the growing season takes some effort. Patios, pergolas and fountains are nice features to have, but keeping up with what you’ve got is just important too. Your plants are the foundation of your home’s image and they need to be maintained to thrive.

PLANT MANAGEMENT                                                    Making Your Garden Shine!

landscaping this spring with Day Lilies

It’s not too early to tackle maintenance of your flower beds. Start by removing annuals and other debris. This helps to clear the way for a new season and avoid potential disease. Cut back any spent perennials and dead branches shrubs and  trees to allow for new growth. Once you’ve thinned out your landscaping it’s time to evaluate things. Thin crowded plants and transplant them to bare spots.


 LANDSCAPE IMPRESSIONS                                           How To Have A Green Thumb!

spring landscaping with Tulips

Following these procedures will produce a landscaping you will be proud of.

1. Determine if bed area gets has shade or sun.
2. Water root balls before planting.
3. Till beds down 12 for proper aeration.
4. Place top of root ball slightly above ground.
5. Apply 3 to 5 inches of mulch around plants.
6. Water in to compact soil and prevent air pockets.

These few simple steps are all it takes for your garden to flourish.


 Creative Designs knows to protect landscape investment maintenance is necessary. Also, installing the right landscaping maintenance can make your home’s image shine. Our courteous and well skilled team members can make this possible. We handle residential and commercial properties in the Shreveport/Bossier City and surrounding area.

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Patio Ideas

Patio Ideas



PATIO IDEAS                                                                          Natural Looking Flagstone! 

patio-flagstone-brick-paversFlagstone is one of the best materials to use for a patio. Flagstione patios are a popular choice because it’s natural appeal and earthy shades of blues, browns, reds and greys. This stone creates a slip-resistant surface and is durable so cracking is unlikely to occur. You can produce a formal or informal look by the way it’s laid. For a formal style pieces are cut and laid in various pattern. For an informal appearance miscellaneous pieces are laid close together. This is sometimes called crazy paving. The joints can be poured solid with mortar or filled with gravel, mulch or ground covers can planted to fill in.  Another added plus with these patios is that they are permeate if joints aren’t filled with cement.

Interlocking Paver Patios!

patio-paverPavers allow for four times the load bearing weight of concrete slabs. Pavers not only allow for heavier loads than concerte slabs, they last longer. Cracking issues that exist with concrete slabs are not a concern with interlocking paver systems. If for some reason your paver patio or walkway becomes damaged or stained, you simply replace those pieces. Another plus is being able to  keep your pavers looking new with a sealer product.



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Late Winter Pruning









Benefits Of Trimming In Winter

landscape maintenance services

Landscape maintenance of trees and shrubs is best done in late winter just before their new leaf buds sprout. Trimming broken branches can prevent disease from spreading. Slighty cutting them back will prmote new growth. Handling this towards the end of the dormancy period helps preserve energy for the onset of new growth. Winter time pruning is less stressful and a safer practice. Oozing of sap will be limited at this time of year, and this also helps retain energy. Branch wounds will recover faster and are not as prone to be affected by possible disease from other limbs. Also, bacterial production is limited, as well.                                                               This all adds up to a healtier landscape environment. Plants respond better with the proper landscaping maintenance. They are more likely to reach their full maturity and thrive as they should.                                                         Your house and outdoor space will become all that it can be . It only requires that special touch that our professional team has many years of experience handling. The proper care will ensure it lasts a life time.


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