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water features

Creating A Special Place Outside Home!

Water Features,  such as fountains, koi ponds, waterfalls and streams add visual impact and inspire the senses. Creative Designs specializes in installing and maintaining water gardens. Imagine water flowing into a koi pond or stream, surrounded by a bbeautiful garden oasis outside your home. This adds up to a pleasurable-relaxing  experience.



Natural Appeal Of Water Features!

water features

Aquatics add a natural appeal to a home’s environment. Design possibilities are endless. From flowing rivers, to cascading waterfalls, the options are abundant. Koi ponds and pondless features are some of the wonders available. Their presence  are  an added plus


Sound Of Running Water Reduces Stress!

water features

Proof that enhaling evaporating water reduces stress is one of the reason they are so popular. They have invisible,  odorless ions that boost moods and lower our stress level. Also, they increase a property’s market value.


Perks Of Water Features!

water features

Simply being outdoors promotes health. Some water features are proven to reduce stress. Our goal is to create an environment that adds value to your life, as well as to your property. Outdoor living areas bring families together in a healthy way.


Shaping Outdoor Spaces!

Increase your home’s value. In the event you decide to put your home on the market, speciality landscaping features help with this process. It proven that a house with landscaping will sell faster than one without.

Pondless Features Are Easier To Maintain!

Pondless devices save space and are an  attraction worth having. We offer these jewels for your entertainment.  We have years of experience designing and installing water gardens.





CREATIVE DESIGNS  is committed to the design and construction of properly functioning water features. Give us a call at 318-205-1300. We service the Shreveport/Bossier City and surrounding area. Follow us on Facebook for special offers.







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